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Celebration 2015

2015 Day of Celebration:

Intercultural Competency — Let's work together!

Sonya Kurtz

Carlos Romero
In a world of changing demographics all of us are called to build and maintain a higher level of intercultural competency.  How do we embrace both what we hold in common and our cultural differences? Understanding our own orientation is a
beginning point in the journey. How can we do ministry and relate in a way that will:
  • help reduce cultural bias
  • improve understanding and communication among cultures
  • better appreciate the complexities of intercultural issues
  • increase sensitivity to how we react and respond
  • understand the needs and concerns of multicultural populations
We learned from Carlos Romero, story teller, intercultural traveler, educator, and Executive Director of Mennonite Education Agency, about how we can better work together in mission and fellowship.  Our annual Day of Celebration was held on

Saturday, October 24, 9:00 – 4:30 at Auburn, NY

Lunch featured Puerto Rican specialties, by Nereida Monsanto.

Brochure with Registration Materials (click this link or see attachment below)
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