Leadership Seminar 2012

Leadership Seminar 2012 - held on February 3-5

More than 50 participants from 11 congregations and home churches throughout the Conference gathered at Community Mennonite Fellowship (CMF) in Corning on February 3-5 for a thought provoking weekend of worship, fellowship and dialogue. Using a format of table group discussions and large group sharing, the attendees were led by Terry Zehr and Gene Miller (Assistant Conference Minister and Conference Minister, respectively) through reflection on the topic of “Leadership in Anabaptist Congregations”. Groups wrestled with such questions as,
  • “As we consider strong servant leadership and church management, how can each function for the good of the congregation?”,
  • “What does strong servant leadership look like?” and
  • “How is pastoral leadership (including elders) to function in the congregation?”
In addition to the reflection and discussion, the weekend included worship time each day, meals prepared by the folks at CMF and several times for fellowship, including a walk in the nearby park to enjoy the beautiful “spring-like” weather. Sunday, folks were invited to attend the church service at CMF and the fellowship meal that followed. Terry Zehr spoke on “Leadership in an Age of Skepticism”.

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